A Lesson in Wet Weather Safety

Winter weather can bring its fair share of wet messes to schools, churches, and other organizations, creating a potentially serious hazard for students, faculty, clergy, staff and volunteers. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), more than one million people in the U.S. undergo emergency treatment each year due to slips and falls. As such, it’s critical for schools and organizations to be prepared, especially in the wintertime.

From sleet and hail to snow and rain, wet walking surfaces are a legitimate concern when it comes to safety, particularly in a school or church setting. Now is a great time to remind your clients about these risks and how to best prevent and manage them this season with the following recommendations.

A picture of someone's feet walking over salt grains on icy sidewalk in wintertime.

Staff Reminders:

  • Respond to wet surfaces immediately by clearly identifying a wet surface and barricading the area from students/faculty/congregations/visitors prior to clean up.
  • Place floor mats at each entrance to reduce water tracking in from the outside.
  • Keep sidewalks, steps and parking lots salted and clear to prevent falls.
  • Install safety handrails to help prevent slips along walkways.

Student/Visitor Reminders:

  • Do not run or rush in wet, slippery weather.
  • Wear slip-resistant soles.
  • Use railings.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings.

And keep in mind that schools and churches can be liable for accidents before, during, and after school or worship hours. General liability insurance is a must and can help cover the costs for property damage, medical expenses, administrative costs, and various court costs, settlements, and judgements for covered claims.

If you’d like to discuss the appropriate coverages to protect your nonprofit or human service client in these situations, our highly specialized underwriters at Convelo have the experience and expertise to help you anticipate your clients’ needs, win their business and keep it.