Back to School Safety Tips for Nonprofit & Human Service Organizations

Back to school brings a unique set of risks for service organizations that own and manage daycare, after school programs and other childcare facilities. From unsafe playground equipment to food allergies, your clients come across countless liabilities in their daily work. 

Young Asian girl with pigtails playing on school playground

As an insurance specialist, you play a critical role in helping these service organizations protect themselves against a multitude of risks, while ensuring they have the right coverage in place.

What could go wrong? Unfortunately, a lot. 

  • Scenario #1: A student is injured on the playground due to broken equipment and lack of supervision. To mitigate such a risk, the client should conduct regular inspections and schedule repairs and equipment replacement as needed. Further, be sure they staff the playground sufficiently with trained employees. General Liability and Umbrella Liability insurance is a must!
  • Scenario #2: A volunteer or employee is charged with abuse. All volunteers and employees should complete the required background checks to work with children, including a comprehensive criminal history. When it comes to sexual abuse and molestation coverage, all coverage is not created equal, so make sure your client has the right coverage in place
  • Scenario #3: A student is exposed to inappropriate content on a school computer. Prevent access to inappropriate internet content with safety controls, monitor usage as needed and train staff on proper internet usage to ensure protocols are followed at all times. Similar to the first scenario, General Liability and Umbrella coverage should be secured.

These are just some of the risks when it comes to school-related liabilities. Convelo is an MGA specializing in nonprofit and human service risk.  We work exclusively with agents and brokers and have a 95% renewal rate.  Let us help you better protect your nonprofit clients.  Contact us to learn more about your client’s unique risks and coverage needs today.