Protecting Pools, Playgrounds and Properties with Habitational Insurance

From apartments to hotels to condominiums, habitational properties carry their fair share of risks and liabilities, which can lead to substantial claim losses.

Swimming pool with circular floats floating in the pool

Habitational insurance, also referred to as landlord insurance, can go a long way in helping to protect commercial & residential properties of all sizes and types. Whether your insured is renting out an apartment, condo, timeshare, dorm, hotel or other housing property, you as their insurance agent must consider coverage for all structures on the property, particularly pools and playground areas, which rank as two of the top risks in this sector.

Of course everyone loves a pool, but being the host on your property presents considerable risk and requires a significant amount of protection. Specifically, the property owner or landlord can be liable for any accident that occurs, which is why agents and brokers try to ensure that their habitational clients always follow these critical rules:

  • Maintain pools and all rescue equipment
  • Ensure proper signage of pool rules for all visitors
  • Secure adequate habitational coverage to safeguard your assets and protect your tenants and guests
  • Enforce all health codes and requirements
  • Have an emergency plan in place

Another big concern for your property-owning insureds is playground safety given the inherent risks around falls and injuries. Improperly installed or unmaintained playground equipment can cause a serious accident; making them vulnerable to significant liability. And while you can’t avoid all mishaps, the following tips will help your insureds make the playground a safer place for all:

  • • Use commercial grade playground equipment and make sure it is properly installed
  • • Avoid particularly hazardous types of equipment like swinging ropes and trampolines
  • • Be sure to provide an adequate amount of shock absorbing material around the playground equipment to reduce injuries from falls
  • • Maintain equipment on a regular basis and check for sharp points, rough edges or broken glass in the area
  • • Have an emergency plan in place

From the physical structure to the safety of guests, pools and playgrounds present a multitude of risks to a property owner. Claims resulting from an injury, accident and death can be astronomical, which is why the amount and type of coverage is critical.

At Convelo, we understand the unique risks and challenges your landlord or property-owning clientele face. Our team of seasoned underwriters have the breadth and depth of experience to customize the right policy for their needs. Contact us today to take this first crucial step in securing the property coverage you need to cost-effectively protect them.